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1) Changes to Circular 6
Seed crop production regulations are constantly being reviewed and updated to meet the requirements of new crop varieties and the needs of seed growers, commercial producers and end users. Click here to review the latest changes to Circular 6, Canadian Regulations and Procedures for Pedigreed Seed Crop Production.

2) New Seed Locator
Looking for Certified Seed? Search by province, crop kind and variety to find pedigreed seed in Canada.

3) Quality Seed is the foundation of Quality Food
CSGA Recently produced a video showing the process of growing certified seed for end users and food processors. Please click to view.

4) Alternative Service Delivery for Seed Crop Inspection
The March 2012 Federal Budget has resulted in changes to the way seed field crops are inspected. Please click here for an overview.

6) Authorized Seed Crop Inspection Services
The updated List of Potential Authorized Seed Crop Inspection Services can be found here.

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