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What is Pedigreed Seed?

Pedigreed Seed is pure, true-to-type seed of a known variety, developed for a specific purpose. True-to-type means that all the benefits developed by the plant breeder are retained as the seed is multiplied from the small amounts developed by the plant breeder through to certified seed, which can be used for commercial production. Seed purity refers to sample quality with respect to weed seeds, inert material (gravel, chaff, fungal bodies, etc.) and number of off-type seeds, as defined by the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Varietal purity of 99 per cent must be maintained before the seed can be classified as pedigreed.

Who are Seed Growers?

Seed Growers are skilled producers who transfer the technology contained in seed from one generation to the next without allowing impurities or contamination from other varieties or crops. The production of a seed crop must follow strict regulations as set out by the Canadian Seed Growers Association, which is designated in federal Seeds Regulations as the official authority for certifying the pedigree of all agricultural seed crops in Canada (except potatoes). There are about 3,500 seed growers across the country, 15% of whom are in Saskatchewan.

How can I become a Seed Grower?

A producer who wants to become a seed grower begins by purchasing pedigreed seed of the variety he or she wishes to produce and plants it according to rules and regulations outlined in Circular 6. The land on which the crop is planted must also be eligible to produce a seed crop. To produce a pedigreed crop of a cereal variety, it is necessary to plant seed of Foundation or Registered class; forage crops require planting of Breeder or Foundation Seed. A field which was planted with Certified seed is NOT a pedigreed crop.

Resources for new seed growers can also be found in the Member Resources section.

To become a seed grower, contact CSGA at and access information here.

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